Episode 17

We’re back and bringing 2 episodes with us!! Episode 17 is the lost episode that we hinted at in Episode 18. In this episode, I bring in people who called people sheeple. These people are better known as self-absorbed, conspiracy theory assholes who think they all know something that the rest of us don’t. Toner brings in the trifecta of Apples to Apples/Cards Against Humanity/E-Cigarettes because he was completely unprepared and had absolutely nothing to talk about.

Episode 16

After a short, unintentional, sabbatical, we’re finally back in business. This week, Toner brings in the proper response to someone saying thank you. Then he proceeds to sound like a pompous fuck for 15 minutes. Then in defends roofies. I bring in the most objectively horrible piece of clothing, foot prisons a.k.a. close-toed shoes #freethefeet. Then Nick thought it would be cheeky to have me defend Shark Week. Real clever, Nick. Also, Nick brings in a new segment/competition.

Episode 15

This week, Toner goes off about his hate for Confederate heritage. Yeah, take your love for a bunch of traitor losers and shove it straight up your sanctimonious ass. Then I bring in 2 complaints! We go back to Kyle’s etiquette school and teach you idiots how to be go co-pilots on long car rides. Stop fucking falling asleep and being a shitty navigator. Then, against Toner’s best efforts, I get to bitch about one of my longest standing complaints, Shark Week. How many years do you have to watch the same fucking thing about sharks until you have finally gotten bored with it?

Episode 14

Episode 14 is here baby. This week, Toner brings in the internet virus otherwise known as clickbait articles. Then he defends the “safety” technology that we call red light cameras. I bring in the archaic, real life Oregon Trail simulation that is camping. Guess what people, sleeping in a shitty vinyl dome with a bunch of people and shitting in the woods is not fun. Then I aptly defend 7 sex tips from Cosmopolitan such as jiggling jiggling balls like dice and giving your man’s unit what can only be described as an indian burn

Episode 13

We got quite the doozy this week. I bring in people that comment on shit they know nothing about/monday morning quarterbacks because I couldn’t come up with a better title. Toner complains about warm toilet seats. Because, you know. I would mention the the Disagree to Disagreex2 topics this week but I don’ t think I can accurately describe how awesome they ended up. Just do yourself a favor and listen to this episode.

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Episode 12

So this week, I’m speaking to all women out there on behalf of all men. PLEASE stop inviting us to your baby showers. Coed baby showers are the worst. Toner brings in Silk Road. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but he actually brought in a bunch of research as well as a good explanation. I, on the other hand successfully made myself out to sound like a dipshit libertarian. Nick talks about some stupid aliens.

Episode 11

This week, Toner actually changes my opinion (completely shocked) about Free-to-Play Games. Toner then defends beer koozies, otherwise known as a dress for your beer. I bring in another scam. This time, it’s the ripoff known as promise rings. Then I defend vows of celibacy. Nasty Nick finds out that brains were just laying around on the streets.

Episode 10

This week, it is all complaints, all the time! We our proud to have our first guest, Jodi. In addition to having Jodi on, Nick also brings in his first complaint. That’s right. On The Complaint Dept, we don’t just give you a taste, we give you the entire fucking cake factory.  Nick brings in the centuries long con known as weddings. Jodi talks about the scourge that is sweeping across the country anti-vaxxers. I wish we developed a vaccine to eradicate these dumb fucks. Toner is sick of being sized-up next to 18 inch dildos. I call out the current “health” trend/pyramid scheme, It Works Global.

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Episode 9

One episode away from double digits!!!! Basically the most unimpressive milestone ever. This week, toner complains about the massive annoyance that are songs that have stupid dancing directions. Then he valiantly defends his weird infatuation with farting in crowded places. I prove that you are all suggestible morons that have been suckered into thinking gift cards are acceptable gifts.The I defend the awesome clothing known as man thongs.

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